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1. Securing Tenants
Market Research
We Provide market analysis information that will assist you in
determining the appropriate rent value of your property.  We will help
you determine how best to handle:
-Pet Deposits (If pets are allowed)
-Rent Discounts
-Move-in Bonus Programs
We work with you to get the highest rent for your property and set
the right price for the sale.
The property will be advertised at at
no charge.  Other advertising, such as the other on-line ads and
Atlanta Journal-Constittion, will be managed by Rent To Own Atlanta
(RTOA) but not included in the standard management fees.
On-Line Servies
We set up the property listing and it will be available from  The standard management services
includes taking pictures of the property, direction to the property &
description of the Property for on-line ads.
We provide a sign in the front of your property that advertises that the
property is available
Marketing Literature
Flyers, which give the specifics about your property, are designed and
printed for distribution at the property.
Showing the Property
We provide access to the inside of the property to potential renters
and/or buyers.