Rent to Own Atlanta
Stop Throwing Your Money Away on Rent
Rent To Own Atlanta specializes in residential rent-to-own homes in the Atlanta
area.  Since we focus exclusively on this market, we can offer unique services that
attract better tenants and buyers for your home.

We reduce your expenses,
increase your revenue
and lower your risk.
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Even if you want to continue owning rental property,
we're better because we provide you ...
perspective.  They take better care of your house because they plan to buy it,
No Realtor Fees - We can save you thousands in Realtor fees when it
comes time for your tenant to buy your house. And since having tenants in a
rental home make it almost impossible to show the home to potential retail
buyers.  We eliminate the expense of having to have the property vacant while it
is being shown to potential buyers.

Lower Tenant Turn-Over Expense - The typical RTO tenant wants a
multi-year agreement, reducing the property manager fee of finding another tenant
and greatly reducing costly tenant turn-over expenses (painting, repairs, carpet
replacement and lost revenue during vacancy).

Lower Repair Expenses - RTO tenants take better care of your property
because they are buying the home.  This leaves you with lower repair expenses.

Higher Security Funds - The RTO tenant pays more in earnest money than
the typical security deposit.  This greatly reduces your risk of having a bad tenant
destroy your property.

Re-Investing - If you're not ready to divest yourself of rental property, we
can help you re-invest your proceeds into other rental property without paying
taxes on your gain.
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