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remove carpet stains.  Any cleaner with bleach will ruin the carpet and require
it to be replaced.  Jerry at Quality Clean (770) 564-1860 can get any stain
removed.  He can’t fix bleached carpet.  You're wasting your money if you
don't use Jerry.

Wall Prep – if the walls have holes from wall hanging, get spackling to fill the
holes.  Instead of sanding the spackled areas, use a damp sponge to smooth
the area.  This reduces the amount of work and eliminates the dust.  

Touch up Painting - You’ll likely need to touch up areas with marks or have
been spackled.  To get the best match of paint for touch up either be sure you
have the exact paint originally used or cut a 1 by 1 inch square our of a small
area of the wall from a closet that has the same paint as the walls.  Use a sharp
knife (Exacto knives are best for this) because you want to remove a very thin
area, getting only the top layer of paint and drywall.  Take this Lowes.  They
do the best job of matching paint for touch up.  Be sure to tell them you’re
using the paint for touch up and the match need to be good.

Use a roller and apply the new paint sparingly on the areas to cover, feathering
out to a larger area that hasn’t been touched up to maximize the blending of the
new paint with the original paint.  Don’t use brushes to touch up walls because
they are noticeable after they dry.

Don’t get paint on the wall receptacles or light switches.

Marks on Hard surfaces - These are most easily removed with Mr. Clean
Magic Erasers.  Make sure you don’t use them on flat walls due to the fact
they can damage the flat wall paint.

Odors – Febreeze along with well ventilating the house does a good job of
eliminating most odors in the house.